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Lisa Campbell


                                                         Lisa Campbell has an inherent passion for helping people, and spent over 12 years as a                                                                       Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), specializing in long term / senior care. Upon learning her                                                                     mother was diagnosed with a blood disorder, Lisa, became increasingly interested in blood.                                                                 Wanting to enhance her knowledge and skills surrounding it, she completed Nova Scotia's                                                                   Provincial  phlebotomy course. 

                                                        Understanding that not all people can, nor want to, visit a hospital or clinic for blood collection, in                                                          2019, she opened her own private blood collection service.  Lisa enjoys visiting clients in the                                                                comfort of their own home or business, and hopes it makes life just a little easier for them.


                                                        For the past three years, OAB+ has experienced tremendous growth. Today, Lisa has two employees licensed to draw blood, and an office manager.  All employees are handpicked by Lisa, ensuring her high standards are met, with care, compassion, and a warm sense of humour.

In addition to meeting with clients in their homes, Lisa also holds blood collections clinic in Canning and Hantsport, which have proven to be extremely valuable for many of OAB+'s rural clients.  Recently, Lisa partnered with PharmaChoice in New Minas to open a new blood collection clinic helping to serve our community.


We have an agreement with the Province of Nova Scotia and strictly adhere to Nova Scotia's standards for collection and delivery.

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